5 Digital Tools Every Team Must Have

Posted by Vishal Agarwal May 27, 2014 1:13:00 PM

At BeyondCurious, we live on the cloud. Literally. As an innovation consultancy, we work with leading brands helping them solve complex business problems with digital solutions. Yet, we have no servers, no local applications. Everything in our business is cloud based – providing global access to information and enabling us to scale rapidly as we grow.

To help us stay at the bleeding edge of innovation, we are constantly looking for high impact additions to our digital toolkit. The good news is that in today’s connected economy, there are hundreds of cloud-based solutions that have reinvented established methods to deliver next generation experiences for teams.  

Here are five digital tools that BeyondCurious has adopted that are must-haves for any team: 

Okta – Single sign on for cloud applications

As the recent Heartbleed debacle has shown, passwords are the Achilles heel of the digital age. And with password requirements becoming more complex, remembering countless passwords is not only a burden; it’s also extremely inefficient. Enter Okta – a simple tool that enables single sign on for cloud applications. With Okta, you only have to remember one password to access everything you need for work. At BeyondCurious, Okta makes it possible for us to access all of our cloud-based systems with a single sign on. It also allows us to easily onboard talent globally – an incredibly useful capability for a company with a global delivery model. 

Screen Shot 2014 05 23 at 4.08.20 PM resized 600

 Access all of your applications from one place with Okta 

Box – Enterprise document sharing and collaboration

All our documents, whether internal or external, reside on Box.  We use Box to help us develop, collaborate on, edit, share, and store all of our digital files with our teams and clients. Now, instead of having to email documents back and forth between the client and team, all parties can edit, comment on, and share documents in one archived system. Box makes it a breeze to collaborate with internal and client teams. With role-based access, you can now securely collaborate with anyone across the globe, at any time, and ensure that your files stay version controlled and backed up. 

 Screen Shot 2014 05 23 at 4.12.36 PM

Global collaboration is easy with Box 

daPulse – Task management and coordination

We use very sophisticated project management and team collaboration tools for client engagements. But these tools are too big and complex for smaller, internal initiatives such as producing blogs, or organizing a company event.  We were looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use, no training required kind of tool. We found a tool called daPulse that combines project management and communication into one user-friendly interface that is a delight to use. It is designed to facilitate collaboration by providing visibility into tasks, owners, due dates, and status. It has a simple interface with visual cues and updates, providing an instant pulse on topics relevant to the user. 

Screen Shot 2014 05 23 at 4.02.00 PM resized 600 

daPulse makes it easy to track inititatives 

Small Improvements – Performance management and culture

Our mission is to empower people by unlocking their limitless potential. We are committed to helping people develop mastery and gain autonomy. We believe that self-awareness helps people achieve excellence. However, most performance management solutions in the market are designed for annual or semi-annual performance reviews. We were looking for a tool that is designed for continuous feedback and recognition. We found Small Improvements, a performance tracking tool that helps people understand and track their performance, pushing themselves to unlock their potential and be the best they can be. For example, you can recognize anyone for work well done. You can give them a badge for serious props and you can share feedback provided with anyone in the company. We use this tool to help people develop a deep understanding of their strengths and competencies. We believe that Small Improvements will lead to big gains for BeyondCurious’ clients and teams. 

 Screen Shot 2014 05 23 at 4.00.09 PM resized 600

Small Improvements leads to big gains   

Geckoboard – Real time visibility into critical information

The right information drives the right action. And the right action drives the right results. In the past, manually created dashboards have helped share information with everyone in the company. But now with Geckoboard, we can share all business critical data with everyone using one integrated dashboard. Geckoboard integrates data real time from finance systems, time tracking systems, and sales and marketing systems into one place and displays it using beautiful data visualization. It even automatically pulls data from excel spreadsheets! Geckoboard is an excellent digital dashboard that provides macro and micro visibility, helping your team make informed business decisions.  

Screen Shot 2014 05 23 at 4.21.30 PM resized 600

Unified view of all data with Geckoboard 

What tools do you use to help your teams innovate, and how do you use them?

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