Designing Wearables for Connected Health

Posted by Carrie Yury Jun 17, 2015 9:54:00 AM

At the 2015 Wearable World Congress, BeyondCurious interviewed companies on the cutting edge of wearables in order to understand how they get user feedback as they develop wearable products. In this video, Andy Flanagan, CEO of Telcare, discusses how his company involves the voice of the customer in developing a connected platform for people with diabetes. His user base is diverse, ranging from kids aged 5 to the elderly. Flanagan shares lessons learned in designing a better product by involving customers in design. One of his key takeaways is to avoid over-engineering the product. "Sexy and cool" may not work for creating a device that an elderly person uses to manage his or her health. 

View our video for more insight from Andy Flanagan.



Topics: wearables, wearable technology, agents of disruption

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