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Posted by Brent Stewart Apr 2, 2015 9:48:12 AM


When a sales associate misrepresents your products or services and misinforms your customers, the bad experience can lead to lost sales, inferior customer service, and brand erosion. 

The current situation is dire. Virtually every major manufacturer/retailer relies on third parties to market and sell the majority of their products. But too often, sales people responsible for your brand struggle to keep up with well-informed customers armed with extensive product research conducted online. So how do we solve such a significant business problem? 

Traditional training and education alone are not the answer. The future of sales force enablement and support lies in mobile point-of-service solutions using smartphones, tablets, and wearables – something BeyondCurious calls a “digital companion.”

The digital companion is your most seasoned and knowledgeable sales person times ten – except the digital companion can be with your entire staff and all your customers at once. The digital companion learns from every user (and even customers) and provides an evolving set of reusable answers, methods, and techniques. Products are always more compelling in action; with a digital companion, the product can be unleashed with demos, insights, videos, and even customer reviews.

A digital companion is so much more than a powerful reference tool; it is also a means to mediate between the customer and the sales associate. The digital companion provides a powerful and adaptable tool that will enhance customer experience, increase the likelihood of conversion and ultimately improve brand perception.

Using our CatalystGo offering with major brands such as Toyota, Lexus, and GoPro, we have developed a strategic perspective and mobile platform that enables continuous learning and in-the-moment responsiveness for your sales team in the areas of knowledge support, customer service/engagement, mediated sales, and training. For more information on how a digital companion can help you empower your salesforce, please download our white paper, which contains examples of our own work.

 Download the Digital Companion White Paper


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