Dare To Dream

Posted by Sheila Darcey Mar 20, 2014 5:43:00 AM

In the movie “Warm Bodies”, zombies move slowly through the world with an insatiable hunger to consume a person’s energy for their own survival. Until one day, a spirited survivor inspires one of the zombies to dream again. In dreaming, the zombie is transformed back into its human state, and sets off a reverse epidemic in a formerly lifeless world.

This isn’t my lame attempt to be a movie critic. This plot simply serves as a great metaphor of what it means to live.

In joining BeyondCurious, I was encouraged to dream again. As a child, dreams helped me escape, helped me see a path to a life much greater than it was in that moment. Over time, my unattainable dreams began to transform into achievable goals. Goals that were within reach of my current path. Although, there was great pride in knowing the dreams I set forth had been achieved. I began to wonder whether my dreams were even BIG enough. Not by the measure of time, i.e.. 5, 10, 15 years, etc., but more so, in my ability to envision limitless possibilities.

To help remind each of us the importance of dreaming, our CEO and Founder, Nikki Barua, facilitated a working session and dared us all to dream.  She challenged us to visualize our future. There were no guidelines or timelines to follow. Just one simple request, whatever it is we dream, we dream BIG. This innate ability to envision something so BIG it fills you with uncertainty is not an easy task. As our team began to fill the board with their hopes and dreams, a natural alignment began to take shape. Individual dreams made way for collective visions. Collective visions that made us think bolder about our individual contributions and what we could accomplish together.

Dreams are what make us come alive, what fuels us to go beyond what we think is even possible. So ask yourself… when was the last time you dared yourself to dream BIG?

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