Four Big Brands Embracing Innovation

Posted by Gabrielle Woodson on Sep 3, 2014 11:14:00 AM

Image credit to Total Innovation Management Foundation 

Innovation isn’t reserved for small start-ups. More and more big brands are developing Innovation Labs and hiring Innovation Consultancies to create game-changing products and services.  Brands increasingly need to engage consumers in unconventional ways, but only a handful of these brands dedicate in-house resources to systematically understand consumer needs and drive new ideas.   

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Betting on Teens For Wearable Tech

Posted by BeyondCurious on Jun 30, 2014 8:58:00 PM

Disney, Mattel, Xbox, and PlayStation take note; wearables for teens are here, and they are about to disrupt your business.

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The Dawning of the Wearable Tech Era

Posted by Carrie Yury on May 10, 2014 3:35:00 PM

Redg Snodgrass and Kyle Ellicott on the emerging business of wearable tech 

The second annual Glazed conference is set to take place June 3-4 in San Francisco at the Regency Center. I spoke to Wearble World and Glazed Conference founders Redg Snodgrass and Kyle Ellicott about the burgeoning wearable economy, and their thoughts on what it will take for the wearable era to truly come into its own. 

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Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Posted by Sheila Darcey on Apr 17, 2014 10:47:00 AM
Sheila Darcey reflects on her transition from employee to entrepreneur and leader at a rapidly growing company.  
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Can Health Care Be Hacked?

Posted by Carrie Yury on Mar 20, 2014 6:00:00 AM

As the pace of innovation is speeding up elsewhere, health care innovation lags behind. Can a hackathon help?

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Dare To Dream

Posted by Sheila Darcey on Mar 20, 2014 5:43:00 AM

In the movie “Warm Bodies”, zombies move slowly through the world with an insatiable hunger to consume a person’s energy for their own survival. Until one day, a spirited survivor inspires one of the zombies to dream again. In dreaming, the zombie is transformed back into its human state, and sets off a reverse epidemic in a formerly lifeless world.

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Jumpshot: An Experiment in Rapid Product Development

Posted by Carrie Yury on Mar 13, 2013 12:47:00 PM

Being at an innovation company not only provides the opportunity to imagine new products, but also allows you to re-imagine established ways of doing things. At BeyondCurious, we actively look for opportunity areas where we can drive extraordinary results.

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